Hello everybody,

I am a big fan of tube preamp, because I love the effect the tubes gives to the sound, in the good sense it can be considered.

In that way, I love the Lamm LL2 preamp, that I 've listen a lot, and that has just the little warmth I am looking for.

The problem is that I am proposed today with a Lamm L1 preamp, that I do not know at all. And I get those 2 contradictory informations about it:
- at first, every L1 review I read said the L1 has the same sonic signature as the LL2, what makes me think the L1 will be pleasant to me.
- at second, the L1 doesn't have any tube in the signal path, so I don't see how it can have that little warmth, that very little tubey sound as in the LL2, then I don't understand how it can sound the same, what makes me think the L1 won't be pleasant to me.

If ever someone here had the opportunity to listen to the both, could you please tell me if really the L1 sounds the same as the L2, and has this little warmth tubey too.

Thank you all very much for your help,
Best regards,