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    I've just bought a Sony receiver with various inputs. The "TV" input only allows RCA cables, and the optical cable inputs are linked to "BD" and "SAT". As I want to use optical cables with the DVD player and set top box, when I watch TV I have to select "BD" and when watching the DVD player I need to select "SAT". The only way I can have the set top box on "TV" and the DVD player on "DVD" is to use coaxial cables. Why do Sony set it up like this, seems a bit stupid?


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    It makes perfect sense to me. Set top box on "SAT", Blu-ray player on "BD", DVD player donated to Goodwill.

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    Yeah, most people basically just use the TV as monitor with all the sources going into the receiver with only one connection from receiver to TV. There's no reason to connect TV to receiver. In order to get 5.1 you need a digital connection. In addition, most good receivers will allow you to assign the name and function for input or make up your own for inputs.

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