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    Input needed on preamp

    Ive got a dynaco st 70 that Im pretty happy with, ive done some mods on it and overall the sound is good but I think the bass is pretty weak. I live in a small apt so im currently playing them through a some old tannoy mercury m1s. That doesnt help much either. Ive had it going through a bottlehead preamp, but its recently took a turn for the worse and needs an overhaul. In the meantime im looking to try a solid state preamp thinking it may help my the bass issue and give me good sound at low volumes. Price is a key factor so ive been looking at a few decent preamps that are in the 300 and under bracket on the used market. Ive been looking at the nad 1300 series as well as some of the B&K preamps. Its hard to find people with this setup as well as preamps that are averaging 5 years old but was wondering if anyone has gone this route before and what kind of results they have had. Any advice is appreciated. I also run it through a rotel cd changer and a Project turntable with a goldring cartridge.

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    Most people go the other direction, tubed pre and SS power. It's the power amp that basically controls the woofer. What kind of tubes are in the Dynaco? Do you think it could be the amp? If the preamp is not providing the bass signal though, then a new pre should help, whether tube or SS. I find my SS sources, CD and phono stage both sound good through my tube gear so if the Dynaco is competent then adding the SS pre should be fine. SS in your price would sure yield better value than what tube preamps you'll find in that range. You might also look around for an Adcom preamp. I'm using a gtp-450 and once I got a decent source on the front this unit does pretty well. I'm sure you can find some Adcom preamps on Audiogon in your range.

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