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    Impact of Higher Supply Frequency on Amps/CD Players??

    This may be quite a technical question but i expect some on this forums will be able to answer it.

    Amps/CD players are available at 230V/50Hz supply. I stay in india where the suppy is 220V/60Hz and wonder how the system will behave at 20% increase in frequency.

    I am an electronics engineer, though not in this field, so am receptive to technical explanation.

    I guess the impact on CD player will be different from that on amps.

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    I've used my Euro spec Sony Playstation in the US and it worked fine with no step-up transformer. However, this may differ between players.

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    Your system will probably like it.

    Modern switching power supplies are less strained at higher voltages and to a lesser degree, higher frequencies. Older transformer-based supplies are less strained at higher frequencies.

    If the power supply design is descent and you're operating within specified ranges for voltage and frequency, you are unlikely to notice any difference in performance.

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