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    HSU Research

    Hello! I have a pair of HSU Research HB-1 Horn Bookshelf Speakers + VTF-2 Mk4 Sub.

    I use a Macbook, which has a relatively inferior soundcard/DAC. Should I buy an extra amp and/or DAC? If so, are there any recommendations for the 2.1 system I listed above? I listen mostly to electronic, trance, deep bass, etc. sort of music.

    I have a good budget, not in the thousands range, but flexible.

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    Additionally, I hear very good things about Emotiva.

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    there are some people on here with Schiit brand dacs and love them. I have not heard them personally but these people are sold and they have a very broad price range to their dac products form $99 to $800. I have a PS Audio NuWave and love it but they are around $1000 new and have a good resale value but I have occasionally seen them go for around $800 on sale.

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    I recently purchased an Emotiva XDA-2. I'm quite happy with the sound. IMO, for the money ($219) nothing else, Schiit included, comes close. How does it hold up against my other DAC's? It's definitely better than my bargain basement priced ($39) Behringer UCA222. It's not as good as my highly modified MSB DAC. It does however look better than either and has an absolutely sumptuous aluminum cased remote. In addition it can serve as a full preamp if all your sources are digital.

    Of course you could consider a DAC/Amp. If you don't already own an amplifier that may be the way to go.
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    You might also look at the Ifi DAC which is about double the price of Emo but sounds good and has a lot of features including DSD.

    Whether you need an amp depends on how you are currently driving her HSU speakers.

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    I would consider the Peach Tree Nova 65se Integrated amp/DAC combo-

    Amplifier DACs with Tube | Peachtree Audio

    It is perfect for digital music and has a very good Sabre based DAC.
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