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    Homage to Denon's AVR 2807

    I am a newbie to the audio arena, and I am quite disappointed in the fact that I can't share an audio review for the 2807 on this site. The site features Yamaha's RX2600 but no Denon AVR 2807. Is there a reason for this??? This receiver is almost perfect boasting 110W per channel (7.1), HDMI switching, 1080p passthrough, as well as enough HDMI and component outs to satisfy even the most demanding home theater setups. I wish it had ethernet capabilities however if it really was an issue I would have gone with 4306. The beauty of it all is sending one HDMI out to the monitor and having video components scaled to 1080i rez. Sound modes and overall audio imaging is amazing. Anyway if anybody is in the market for an excellent receiver I highly recommend this piece of hardware over most that are available today. Including the popular Yamaha RX2600 which sounds 'muddy' at low levels (no 1080p passthrough), not as crisp or as clean as the Denon. Please add to the praise if you like the product or tell me if I am wrong in reference to what I feel is one of the best receivers on the market to date and lets get a real review available for this thing so others may know about it.

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    Glad you're happy with the Denon. I believe the forum called "Site Feedback/Discussion" is where you can request to start a review for a product.

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    I requested that the 2807 be added to the reviewable equipment list ages ago. Nobody's all that interested in listening.

    Quote Originally Posted by aeh10
    The beauty of it all is sending one HDMI out to the monitor and having video components scaled to 1080i rez.
    None of your video components get scaled to 1080i with the AVR-2807. It'll upgrade any video input to HDMI, but they remain at their native resolution. It will also de-interlace any 480i or 576i signals to 480p or 576p respectively. The 4306 is Denon's lowest model that upscales signals. That's a good example of how people believe they see and hear things just because they believe it though

    Quote Originally Posted by aeh10
    ...the popular Yamaha RX2600 which sounds 'muddy' at low levels (no 1080p passthrough)
    Perhaps this is just an issue of grammar, but sounding "muddy" and having no 1080p passthrough have absolutely nothing to do with each other so I'm not sure why you're modifying that statement that way.


    That aside, yes, it's a brilliant receiver that can more than meet any normal person's home theatre / stereo needs. A ton of features, good power amps (though all-channels-driven it's nowhere near 110watts/channel ), and great, crisp, precise sound. Denon's products are solid and long-lasting and these receivers should keep people happy for years and years to come

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