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    Cool hifonics brutus brz2400.1 question

    I've been reading and reading through tons of garbage trying to find an amp that's true and for a good price. I believe hifonics is good since all the reviews I've read have talked them up quite a bit and after downloading a pdf for the specs on there brutus line they seem to be amazing for the price. The only thing is they do not specify peak performance and I'm like down to purchasing this thing now!

    I'll be running 2 kicker S15L7 D2's solo~baric, that's dual 2 ohm voice coils that can handle 1000 rms and 2000 peak each sub. Wired up it'd be running @ a 1 ohm load. The brutus powers 2400x1 rms but what's the peak power since the 2 kickers are rated to take 4000 watts

    I just bought 1 S15 solo~baric for now and wanna get this going before purchasing the other and was probably just gonna run the 1 sub with the gain down til I buy the other.

    TLDR (too long didn't read)
    Will the brutus power 1 kicker 15L7 D2 solobaric then when I buy the 2nd be able to.power them both to there maximum capacity and *what is the peak power of the brutus brz2400.1 amp*

    Thanks guys in advance, I try to keep em short and on point.

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    I've been out of the loop on car audio for a while but Hifonics last I knew was a great amp made in the USA. It should definitely slam the Kickers. If you want the real deal you need the American amp companies that build high current amps, Hifonics, Rockford, Orion, Precision Power (PPi), Phoenix gold etc.

    2400 watts is a massive amount of power if the specs are even close, you'll probably blow your ear drums. If you keep the gain down your amp will have more head room or not run out of power on peak demands, no matter how many subs you have. I personally would run a single sub at 4 ohms to keep the amp more stable and have better control over the sub. You may end up needing a 2nd battery. Class D (digital) amps are capable of massive power without the battery drain but it's debatable whether they can pound like true current amps.

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