I bought a rack of late 1990's gear, and I'm trying to operate this a few components at a time, with no luck!!

Connected a CD player to Chiro C-800 (skipped the c 5.1 multichannel decoder and the ADCOM GDA600 from this initial hookup) to an ADCOM GFA 545 II and the to some bookshelf speakers that I know work. Also have a 2 channel Acurus (A250) a 3 channel Acurus (200x3) Amps and a Chiro C150 subwoofer in this set of gear.

All lights up and menu panel on C-800 can be navigated but have no sound from the speakers neither radio nor CD.

Don't have a manual for any of this gear, but apparently there is 2 zones on the C-800, I have no idea when you use this feature or if this is the cause for not getting signals out.

Any help is appreciated.