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    Question Help me decide on a preamp / tuner combo...

    OK, I'm replacing my ancient (1972) Kenwood receiver with a Yaqin MC-10K 50W x 2 integrated tube amp. Speakers are JBL Century L-100's.

    I want to keep my turntable usable, so I need a phono stage and I need a tuner. I want remote control capability, and the remaining budget for the tuner slash preamp part is a couple hundred dollars - used equipment is perfectly fine.

    I'm between Adcom - like a GTP-500, and NAD - like a NAD 1600, and Carver - like a CT-6.

    What's the preferences and suggestions?



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    I have the Adcom GTP 500II. It is a great Preamp Tuner. The phono stage is excellent and with your tube amp I recommend using the Lab In from the amplifier. It allows a clean pass through. The tuner section of the 500 is very good and the overall sound is clean and crisp. I have mine paired with an Adcom GFA 545 amp at 100 x 2. This combo has served me well for over 12 years. Rock solid and very reliable. My speakers are Boston A-150 IIs, 3 way with 10" woofer, 4" midrange and 1" ferro-fluid filled tweeter.


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    You said your Yaqin was an integrated if this, is accurate, you do not need a preamp. I have a GTP 450 and like the tuner section very well. I would recommend picking up a Creek OBH-8 phono preamp. It's very small but it is pure Class A circuitry and sounds great. I started with this little jewel and had to spend many times it's cost to get to any improvement in sound quality. New I think it runs about $179. to 199. I don't know of any stand alone tuners that have a remote I can recommend. Most preamp/tuners wouldn't have a phono stage, so I really think you are looking for a phono preamp and tuner. carries a big variety of phono stages, including the Creek, and they will allow a 30 day return policy.

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