I've got a problem that I am hoping someone can help me with. I'll try and make the description of my problem as short and precise as possible.

OK, I have digital cable at home and the audio broadcast ranges from regular stereo, DD stereo, Dolby Pro-logic II and DD 5.1.

I always leave my reciever on the "Multi Channel Stereo" surround setting when I watch T.V. and it has worked flawlessly in the past.

Last night I came home from work and my GF was watching TV. I sat down to watch with her and immediatly noticed that there was no oputput from the Left Main channel and the Left surround channel. The show she was watching was being boradcast in Dolby Pro-Logic 2 and the reciever was set to the "multi channel stereo" surround setting.

I have this problem with Dolby Digital stereo as well as Pro-logic II (only when in the "multi channel stereo" setting). When I run them in their normal modes (with out any surround enhancement) they work just fine.

I tooled around for about 2 hours with this, powering down my system and bringing it back up, trying different sources, different channels switching cables, resetting the unit but all to no avail. Multi channel stereo works just fine with regular stereo sources but not dolby stereo or PL 2.

I did discover that when I have the system in "multi channel stereo" and I am listening to either a DD stereo or Pro-logic 2 source, when I turned the sub off in the speaker setup menu, the left main channel would come back but the left surround would stay off.

My system has not changed in a few months and has always worked great. I use a Panamax MAX 5100 for surge suppresant as well as a hospital grade outlet.

I will tell you this though, I have a panamax surge protector (the wall mount kind) for my sub and when I go into my basement and turn off this certain light switch, I get a thud out of the sub. I doubt that this is of any concequence though.

Any ideas or thoughts will be GREATLY appreciated. I don't want to remove the hub of my entertainment system for repair if at all possible but that is an option as I am under warranty for 6 years.


MF a3.2 CR
Marantz SR 6300
Rotel RCC 1055 (Coax)
Marantz SR 4300 (Coax)
Panamax MAX 5100
Motorola digital cable box (optical)
X box (optical)

Monitor Audio GR 60's (MAIN)
Paradigm Atom v.3 (surround)
Paradigm CC 370 (center)
Paradigm PW 2200 (sub)