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    Question Help! Help! What do I need for these speakers?!


    I just got some old Klipsch Speakers. To be exact they are the (KLF-20)'s. I have the two towers. The problem is that I have no idea what kind of power I'm going to need to power these monsters. I have no idea about amps or recievers and I'm looking to find something resonably cheap, but I want them loud too. Someone please tell me what to do and how to set this up. I tried to hook them up with a standard Sony home "reciever" that went to my mothers old entertainment system, but it would just shut off as i plugged more speakers into it. Ahhh HELP. THANKS

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    Q: Help! Help! what do I need for these speakers?
    A: A pick axe

    If you are shutting down your mom's receiver, you are hooking something up wrong or too many speakers at a time. The Klipsch are very sensitive and you should be able to push them with almost anything. They will play loud without much power. You could look for a vintage stereo receiver and rock the house. If you want to try your mom's receiver hook the Klipsch up to the main speaker terminals and until you know what you are doing, only use them alone

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