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    Got a job, got to get some new gear!

    Ok I have posted here many times but i'll state my current setup again.

    NAD C350
    Yamaha cdc775
    Tannoy Fusion 4s
    Tara labs and audioquest cables

    I just got a very good paying job for the summer and just have to get new gear. The first thing to change was my CD player as I have posted before, I didnt love the sound of it. After much research I decided on the Onix 88 cd player brand new for 225. I would love to get the Jolida 100a, but its more then double the price of this cd player, almost tripple! And i dont know if it will be worth the money for me to get the jolida, what do you guys think.

    My next update was going to add a amp to my nad, but after recomendation not only from the dealer, but also you guys I decided to just buy a whole new int. amp. I am looking at the Jolida 1501. I like that it has 100 watts per channel and uses tubes for the preamp. I listened to the jolida envoy preamp with the 200wpc monoblocks, jolida cd player, Thiel speakers and a thiel sub. It sounded amazing.

    Do you guys think the jolida and the onix would make a good match for the tannoys? This is about what my budget can be, would it really be worth the money to get the jolida cd player, or should i save tons of money and put it toward the jolida 1501rc with remote?

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    Did you find out what was causing the channel imbalance in the NAD. Congrats on the new job and shopping for new audio equipment.

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    I cleaned all cables and connectors, and made sure to tighten up the pre out cables to the amp in. It seemed to have fixed my problem. I couldnt imagine it being something serious because I never remove cables or move the amp at all. I also measured the speakers from the back of the wall and found that my left speaker was way closer then my right speaker, well like over an inch anyway. I checked different recordings to also see if that was the problem, and it turns out a lot of cds arent always recorded dead on center but instead a little to the right, and some are dead on center or a little to the left. So all seems well with the amp.

    I still want the jolida...

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    How about a DAC?

    Quote Originally Posted by RTilbury
    The first thing to change was my CD player as I have posted before, I didnt love the sound of it. After much research I decided on the Onix 88 cd player brand new for 225.
    Instead of replacing the yamaha cdp, how about adding a good quality DAC? You can find some very good models at around $200-400 on audiogon, ebay, etc.

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    For one thing I dont love 5 disk changers and would rather have a single disk player. I also dont want to add to many things to my rack as I am out of room.

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    Please reconsider the DAC option.

    Lets imagine that at retail a box to house your new player accounts for $50 of the price
    And that the transport accounts for $50
    And the power supplies $50
    This leaves a whole $50 for the rest of the electronics.

    So if you buy another player, 75% of your money goes to duplicate what you already have. If you buy an external DAC much more of your investment goes into the electronics.

    IMHO you' will get far more bang for your buck with an external DAC upgrade. Most DACs have no knobs (my previous 2 had no power switch) hide it behind your rack and just leave it on.

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