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    Question good way to test an abused amp?

    I'm relatively new to the sound contractor 70v realm. My ? is I'm looking at a 70v sound system in a restaurant where the owners decided to try to add on to their system using 8ohm speakers without any transformers. needless to say the speakers no longer work and the amp was incredibly hot to the touch but still works to power the remaining 70v system. I'm sure this amp (a TOA 512A 120W) has been brutally abused, is there a good way to test the amp to see how much abuse it has endured to see whether or not it needs replacing other than just turning it on letting it run and listening to how it sounds?

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    Talking In my philosophy, there are two ways to test a bad amp...

    If it still powers up, does it still make music come out of the speaks without hum? Yes?? Good!

    If it does not power up, do you hear the sound of it hitting the bottom of the dumpster? Yes?? Good!



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    Not REALLY sure about what i'm saying, but i seem to remember hearing places where they do that kinda thing for you. In a workbench or sth like that. Search for a thread that asked if u could use headphones to replace speakers when powering up an amp so that it didnt have infinite impedance. Its gotta be somewhere...

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