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    Giving NAD a second chance

    I purchased a NAD C320BEE for a second audio system and all is good so far! I had purchased one a couple of months ago which was producing static sounds through the speakers, also it was running very hot and had a burning smell. I immediately returned it. I decided to give NAD a second chance, very good amp for the money I just hope the flaw that I had experienced on the first purchase will not reoccur! Well, im off to listen to some music!!!

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    I have done the same and glad I did. Decided to go with Rotel for a couple of years with my amplification but im back to NAD. In my eyes NAD is worth the risk. There a great compnay with great products.

    My issues where kinda minor which helped my decision to come back.The 541i I owned didnt start to have issues until 21/2 years into use. The other issue I had was a firmware volume problem on a T751 HTR.

    Outside of that all my other NAD purchases have worked flawlessly. I just recently purchased the NAD C352 integrated and C542 Cd player. Both work perfectly and I couldnt be happier.

    On another note the C542 is a major improvement over the C541i. Its now a much more refined and transparent player with killer bass extension. The 541i definitely lacked a bit in these areas.


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