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    Even Krell provides for the Ipod

    Krell's S300i provides Ipod connectivity. This integrated is $2.5k msrp but trust their 150 wpc is like nothing you've experienced before given that power rating. The old 300i was a beast at 150 wpc, in loudness perceived there wasn't a great deal of difference between it and my 500i. The 500i provided a great deal of improvement in the overall resolution, bass response and control.

    There may be better info on Krell's website but this is what I saw:

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    Krell offers one of the best quality and most expensive ipod docks available in the form of the Krell KID ($1.5K)... Smartly, they now offer the same dock interface from the KID in the new S300i ($2.5K)... If I was in the market for a $2.5K + Integrated amp, the Krell would definitely be on my shortlist (along with the Naim Nait XS, Creek Destiny and Sugden A21)...

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