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    denon and power conditioners

    anybody here use a power conditioner with a denon amp? i have a 3801 and recently got a HDTV. i thought i would upgrade the protection but wondered if the regulation of power would mess with the receiver.

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    Lightbulb Power conditioners filters

    Hi Iv had several filters not a denon amp though and have found that most cheaper filters offer little if any difference or compress dynamics darken sound slightly.
    Iv got reasonable gear Tag dac MF am,cd+Proacs and recently saw a Audio magic stealth for sale £600 s/h what a steal its like new high end speakers or new cd player so much more soundstage and detail to die for! turbo charged sound.
    Ideal to look at higher end s/h units on hiforsale etc as Isotek and Russ would be this much for poorer quality and sceptable filterwise? at this price cannot compete.
    The US are better at filters than we are Shunyata good too many others out there to many to list but just keep an eye out.

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