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    Denon avr3802 setup with Rotel RA-03 amp, audio problem

    Recently bought RA-03 amp and trying to connect to my existing avr3802 where the pre-out for main L/R from denon connects to one of the line input of RA-03, however, there's a very low audio coming out. Setup is DVD player to AVR then main L/R pre-out from avr to RA-03 amp. Main L/R speakers are in the amp.

    Any advice? Do you have diagram on how to setup the AVR with the amp for both music listening and movie watching?

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    welcome to the forums, to start with,

    you use your dvd player as source, then your denon receiver as a preamp, and then your rotel as another preamp and the final amp for the mains...

    the way you do it now, you have 2 volume knobs, just for the mains...
    instead of using the pre out, use the tape out/rec and connect it to cd or aux or tuner on your rotel, this way, you only have one volume knob to worry about for the mains,
    the pre out is for the ment for connecting a power amp, not for integrated amps...

    For what reason have you bought the rotel??
    if you bought it because you thought your mains were underpowered, you should have bought a power amp,
    if you were planning to use it for music, I'd suggest you to connect your dvd player to the rotel (analog out on dvd player) and only use the rotel then...
    for movies, just deconnect the mains from the rotel and connect them to the denon...

    for movies,
    don't use the rotel...

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    Noo Joisey. Youse got a problem wit dat?

    Sounds like you shoulda bought a power amp,

    What was your intent here, anyway?

    If you're running this out of a "pre out" from the Denon then you don't need another preamp stage in the Rotel. As B said above, by doing this you'll need to adjust two volume controls. You should feed that output into a "main in" or power amp input.

    If you wantto use the prealp stage in the Rotel (and it doesn't seem you have a choice here), do like B said above. Take a "tape out" from the Denon into a line level stage to the Rotel. Of course, this will only pass a stereo signal and perhaps not one from a digital source.

    Of course, you'll need a set of speakers connected to both here. There's no cheap and easy way to share one set of speakers between two power amps without manually switchng them, and that gets very tiresome very quickly.


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    Actually, the rotel is for my other bookshelf speakers in other room but haven't setup yet. I've tried to test the rotel with my main speakers and found more improvement compared to the avr so decided to use the rotel with my main speakers. For music it is ok where my cd player and main speakers are connected to the rotel, however, my dvd player has to be connected to the avr with surround+center+sub connections for movies. No budgetnyet for new main spkrs so trying to find a way have music and movies in one main speaker without manual switching the speaker connection.
    Thanks for your advice and I will try the tape out.

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