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    Dared Amps, Good or Bad?

    Anyone have thoughts on Dared Amps. They look good and seem to be getting good reviews, but I also read where they are junk. Very poorly made and held together with hot melt glue.
    Your thoughts?

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    Back in '04 my younger brother owned the VP-16 integrated amp (6V6-based PP at about 12 WPC I think). Aside from the gimmickery blue LEDs at either side of the plexiglass tube cage that glowed during power-up, it operated as it should and sounded pretty damn good. Don't recall how well it was constructed (never saw its innards), but it never gave him any pause for and finish was above average and it was a heavy sucker. Later sold it only for a more powerful amp; other than that he would've probably kept it.
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