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    component inputs on newer reciver

    i am looking to buy a new reciver in about 3 months.
    right now i use component cables and video goes direct to tv,
    with new recivers , they have component inputs on them but doesnt that defeate the purpose ?
    all devices to the reciver via component then from reciver to tv with s-video ?

    way i look at that setup i might as well run sdiv from components to the reciver and save $ on cabling ? or am i looking at this wrong ?

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    Well... depends

    If you decide to run your devices to your reciever and then to your tv, you'll be introducing another set of video circuitry into the mix. This could be a good or a bad thing depending on the quality of your reciever's video section. My personal opinion is that unless your reciever and source componenets are of very different build quality (and therefore probably price) you won't see a huge difference. It should be noted that if you want to retain progressive scan output on your tv screen you have to go with component cables the whole way. S-video and composite won't transmit progressive scan. Hope this helps.


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