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    Collected from garbage, any good?

    Hello everybody, I am a brand new member here and in general don't know much about audio equipment, so please be patient.
    I found these in my basement the other day:

    a) receiver NAD 7225PE
    b) pair of Sony speakers from a midi system, no model number, impedance 3.2 ohm

    and separately (not in the same bag), a pair of Optimus pro x7 speakers.

    I cleaned them up and tried them once: the receiver has a couple of buttons missing but seems otherwise in working conditions. One of the Sony speakers has a distorted sound, but it might be related to the old consumed cable it is attached to, I'll know better once I play with it. I haven't tried the Optimus speakers because I have no cable lying around.

    Now my question is: are they any good? Can I connect the Optimus speakers to the NAD? Will I get a decent sound, as main and only system in the apartment?

    Sorry for the naive questions and thank you all in advance for your contribution. Mods please forgive me if I posted in the wrong forum.

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    NAD is a good mid-fi brand so your receiver should be decent and better than most. I got a NAD receiver for my mom and it recommends 8 ohm speakers so you may want to be careful with the Sony if under 4 ohms. I am not a fan of Radio Shack speakers but if memory serves I think the Optimus 7's are a stand out model. The NAD and 7's should make you a good little system especially with a decent CD player..

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