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Thread: class A preamp

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    class A preamp

    I have a class A preamp (myryad m100) and need some help deciding if I made the right decision. The high's are brilliant and crisp. Mids are quite melodious but the lows are minimal. Basically there isnt much bass good balance but not enought bass. I was previously using a yamaha receiver v701 and the bass was very pronounced.

    so my question is does the class A preamp (myryad m100 english preamp) produce a difference sound

    PSB Century 600i speakers
    ADCOM 555 (mk1) amp
    Kimber hero cables
    Sony ca-70 cd player (bit dry sound)
    Nakamichi 680zx tape player

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    Class A is just the design or technology used inside your preamp. Typically Class A yields very good results. I'm not familiar with your brand of preamp but a couple observations come to mind. You should definitely have bass using the Adcom 555. Sometimes British equipment is a little lean on bass but the upside is the bass is generally very detailed. My opinion of Yamaha is their bass is bloated with a lack of bass detail, this is how I heard Yamaha I owned and every piece I've ever heard. So it's difficult for me to tell if you have a real problem or you aren't used to what you are hearing. For instance, if I play a rap or pop CD on my Adcom system it has that rumble bass that people normally associate with rap but that same CD played on my Krell will not have that rumble bass, the Krell's control is such that the bass is very tight. This control the Krell exhibits may be perceived as a lack of bass to some one who isn't familiar with quality bass. This may or may not be what's going on for you. I assume you checked obvious things like phase of your speakers?

    No insult intended, it's hard to tell how much experience one has from a post. But I've noticed that more times than not people when given a control the bass gets cranked up, like on car amps, and in most instances, more, IS NOT BETTER.

    For me, I judge bass by it's impact and detail. Whether you are able to hear the kick drum clearly from the bass guitar or other low frequency information instead of just a large boom or rumble. Whether the note has a snap or punch to it.

    You could check on line for some reviews of your preamp to see if anyone else notes what you are experiencing.

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