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    Christmas Present from my Wife

    Tube Depot has a Cyber Monday sale going on from 6 to 12CST with all types of vacuum tubes and free shipping on orders over $99. Just ordered a backup tube for my Antique Sound Lab preamp and backup tubes for my Quicksilver power amp. You have to order online but a knowledgeable consultant named bryan did help me with questions so you still get the assistance. I would also like to point out that Mike Sanders from Quicksilver answered the telephone at 8am and helped me pick which tubes to order for my Mini Mono power amps. Great customer service still exists.

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    I hope this is not like some of the presents that I've bought my wife (e.g. things that I wanted). My favorite one, is I bought a new piece of stereo equipment for her one year. She opened it up, said nothing, then slid the box back below the tree. Ouch... Was not fun that night.

    Then next year I bought her a big cooking pot. She asked me why I bought such a big pot, to which I said: "because I've got a big stomach". Made sense to me, but not with her.....

    I've learned...... So, I guess no new fishing equipment for my wife this year???

    Edit: Opps. Miss-read the post. This is a present 'FROM' your wife...... Just got in from taking care of my hunting dogs, and trying to rush off to work--so didn't read it carefully enough.

    Best Regards,
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