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    Thumbs up Caspian m2: Is it worth it these days? - Upgrade Q


    I need a bit of guidance / help if you have a moment to respond.

    I am looking to upgrade my Roksan Kandy III with a new amp and my budget is about 1400 Euros (give or take, new or 2nd hand. Maybe the latter).

    I've been thinking of getting the Roksan Caspian m2 as the upgrade, but I am not sure. It's a little dated, but does it fair well with modern competition at this price?

    Thus I find myself looking for a few food for thoughts. I would like to know if it's worth it or alt suggestions.

    I live in Switzerland, so there's complications to hear/try it out. Also I have a problem with my pre-amp here and can't get it fixed properly for example. I've been to the HiFi shops here to check alternatives but they seem bored with my budget and it leaves me a little uncomfortable lets say.

    Little nooks: I want an amp that opens up at low levels too. My Kandy sounds great, but only bumped up a slight notch which boarders on being too loud (for my wife certainly). And as my daughter is 2, it restricts the levels on the amp and where how I can be immersed.

    The Marantz pm8006 seemed interesting. Tested Cambridge Audio CXA81. - Not interested, felt flat and dull?

    Hegel h90 maybe? or Yamaha AS1100?


    I run a Rega P3, Arcam and for the moment Klipsch RB81 II Speakers (with silver cabling as it adds a bit of highs to what might seem rounded off speakers). But hopefully to be back on a pair of Spendors soonish. Also use Roon/Tidal for digital.

    So thoughts, inputs, 2 cents all welcome.

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