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Thread: Biamp my Snells

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    Biamp my Snells

    I recently acquired a pair of Snell E3's which a Snell engineer told me have an RMS rating of 150 at 8 Ohms.

    I want to get a receiver that can power them properly and have been focusing on a few Onkyo models for a variety of reasons and features they offer that I would use.

    My question is how to determine the proper power to put into these speakers and whether I should Bi-amp them.

    The Onkyo TX-RS750 and TX-RS850 both support configuration for bi-amping speakers.

    The 750 is outputting 100 watts per channel. So I assume that if I bi-amp even though two channels would be each sending 100 watts into the speaker I don't actually count that as 200. I would think that rating would be a bit low. I know Crutchfield recommends at least 70% of the RMS rating provided (which is 105... I'd be just a bit low).

    Someone else suggest running the 850 which has 130 watts per channel but not bi-amping. As that would be overkill.

    That confuses me. If 100 bi-amp is really 100 according to an rms rating... not 200 than it is too low... Wouldn't 130 bi-amped be just about right?

    I don't need all the 850 offers and would prefer to get the 750 I just don't want to damage the speakers by underfeeding them.

    Could someone please help me understand what these speakers really need?



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    just to clarify

    I live in a Condo... I'm sure that 100 watts will be loud enough. I realize clipping can damage speakers but if I really turned these up enough so that it would be an issue my living room would explode. I'm assuming I'll be fine. I'm not sure if there is anything else to worry about in that department.

    I am, however, concerned about clarity and quality of sound. Some have told me that not running within a certain range of the RMS can have a noticeable detrimental affect.

    I am hoping and thinking a bi-amp SR750 (essentially two channels at 100 watts a piece) will be just fine... but I'm no expert... hence the questions.

    Descepencies so far could just be salesmen trying to push more expensive receivers on me.

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    Unless the Snells are very inefficient (83db/w/m or less), 100w bi-amped will be plenty to produce decent sound levels.
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    hello, i am new to this site, but have learned alot about av gear. my system consist of all polk spkrs. rti10(fornt l/r) csi5(center) rti8( surrounds) and the subs are 2 klipsch synergy 10 in down firing, rated @ 420 watts peak and 200 watts rms, my receiver is a pioneer elite vsx-94txh rated @ 140 watts x 7, i bi-amp the front l/r spkrs. if i were you i would try another type of receiver like a denon or a yam, or even a pioneer, the onkyo`s run hot and bi-amping would only put more stress on it, some people like them and some people do not, but if you want a receiver that will give you good smooth sound and penlty of head room go with the pioneer you will love it.

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