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    beyond the numbers

    When looking at amplifiers its incredible the difference in price, even though looking at the specs they can be pretty similiar, so what makes up the price difference. From say a Rotel, to a Linn, to a Mark-Levinson.
    that makes as much sense as a drunken mongoose playing the piano

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    parts used, of course, and the specs aren't that 'similar' well, yes the specs are, but the sound can be totally different, and look at the rotel for example: their rb 1070 amp (2x 130 watts) and the mark levinson n° 33H, the specs are kindof similar. but the parts that were used in the mark levinson are superior (not to say the ultimate parts) to the rotel, looking at the weight will tell you something too, you have those small, flat amps used to drive party speakers, they say they 500 watts or something and they cost you like $200, but then again, a decent 50 watts amp can blow the crappy 500 watts amp away like it was nothing, just because they use other and better parts so when you see the mark levinson weights 100 kg per piece, and it delivers 150 watts, you'll can be sure they deliver you the most powerfull 150 watts you have ever heard. and they will sound much clearer, having almost no limits at all. like they say, you get what you have payed for.
    so think about it before you buy some crap.

    now don't think rotel and similar brands are bad or something, they are good, the mark levinsons are kind of the üBer amps out there, just avoid the cheap crap...
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    Those numbers are just the tip of the iceberg. The truth's in the numbers you aren't provided. The added cost should usually get you tighter tolerances, higher durability, perhaps better quality construction, and of course more profit. Often a higher profit margin, too, but not always. Now, if you do infact get better sound quality, then that's fine. Sometimes you do, sometimes you don't.
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    All the reasons...

    Quote Originally Posted by icarus
    When looking at amplifiers its incredible the difference in price, even though looking at the specs they can be pretty similiar, so what makes up the price difference. From say a Rotel, to a Linn, to a Mark-Levinson.
    ...cited are good ones...there is however a certain cache to owning the best...whatever that may be...and there are many here among us who feel price is automatically indicative of high quality...maybe yes, maybe may not get all that you pay for...

    Obviously if the parts used are tight mil-spec or better, things will tend to cost more...same with hand built as opposed to churnin' em out cookie cutter-style...Advertising costs, limited distributorship insuring lack of any competition costs...There is the point of diminishing returns...once you get beyond a certain price/performance ratio, those tiny increments in performance tend to cost more to implement...and sometimes are even more difficult to hear...

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