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    Best Preamp for a Cambridge 840W

    Does the Cambridge 840E make the best match with the 840W or is there another solid state pre-amp out there ($2k or so) that might be a better pair? I have a Cambridge 840C as well, so I'm wondering if I should just go for the whole 840 line or mix and match some more. There's a good deal on a demo Parasound JC2 that i just saw, so that crossed my mind.

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    Not that familiar with Cambridge separates but in my experience the best synergy is with same brand gear. Some believe in mixing in order not to have the manufacturer's "house" sound but if you like their sound why not keep with it throughout the chain. In addition, manufacturer's optimize their separates to play well with each other. Mixing brands has some risks because you have a fifty fifty chance they will sound good with each other. Sometimes with mixing two different characteristics it just doesn't turn out.

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