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    Bel Canto Class T Amplifer

    I happened across this link:
    and have never heard of a class T amplifer. Can someone explain to me what a class T amplifier is? Thanks, Paul.

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    Bel Canto Class T amp.

    I could not find my issue of Stereophile, but I am sure if you go to there website you can look fot their review of this amp. In the review they discuss what a Class T amp is. I don't think it was any thing really that significant.

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    Class T?

    I couldn't find where Bel Canto stated their amps were Class "T" but they are in fact Class "D" (digital) by anyone else's definition. A digital amp is completely different from the normal analog amps you're used to, whether ss or tube. A few advantages of this new technology is that the amps run dead cold, draw little to no power when in standby (try that w/ your Class A), are more compact, and are supremely efficient. When done right, they can combine the best qualities of tubes (smoothness, musicality) and ss amps (slam, bass, detail retrieval) into one. For a formal definition of digital amps, goto and click on the Stereophile review of the HCA2 amp. BTW, If you are interested in the eVo 2 you should definitely check out the HCA2 because in my research, I found that it bettered the eVo2 a vast majority of the time.

    Hope this helps.

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