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    BAT VK 5i and tubes substitution

    I live in a distant Braziliancity, I have one BAT VK 5i with sovtek 6922 tubes. I would like to know about 6DJ8 amperex bugleboy logo, made in Holland( $105/pair), and 6DJ8 Amperex Orange World Logo Made in Holland($30/one)
    Do you think they match with my BAT? . Some people
    said to use sovtek 6H23 in place of sovtek 6922, even so are cheaper than the 6DJ8 amperex, but I think
    that valley to pay for better quality. Which the best choice? Does any danger using 6DJ8 tubes ?

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    Amperex 7308 gold pins

    Ditch the Sovteks for some decent NOS tubes like the Amperex 7308 gold pins. I'd forget the 6DJ8, stick with the E88CC=6922. Actually there is quite a selection to choose from in this family, though not cheap. And unfortunately, the best way to decide is by experimentation in your system. If that is not a attractive option than continue to net-polling, and if the same tubes keep getting recommended that may be worth pursueing. You might also consider the BAT upgrade. Not cheap but everyone seems pleased with the results. Good luck, I've been down this road many times. It can be both wonderfully fun [when you find the right tube] and frustrating [when you don't]. One suggestion. To get more specific recommendations you should tell the readers what you find lacking in your system, what you suspect the Sovteks may be contributing in this regard and what changes you hope to realize.


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    Smile Thanks

    Helo Mike

    I have a pair of dynaudio mk2 1.8, mccormac dna 1 dlx , cd player rotel rcd 02, cable dh labs q10, interconecters audioquest diamond back, and pramplifier- the BAT, before bat I use rotel rc 1070, after mccormack TLC 1( very clear and pristine), but the BAT have a fenomenal medium, recently I tried chord CPA 3200, but the mediums desapered, so I prefer to stay with bat vk 5i, and change the tubes, I need some more bass- only this. I live in city that therr is no tubes, in Brazil I do not know who sell tubes, so I will go to amperex 7308, and Tung sol 5881.after I will try to buy one good cdplayer- meridian or gamut or sphink or bat, or wadia, I do not know yet .
    Thanks a lot.
    Francisco george

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