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    Back to ask again

    A few weeks ago I posted in here, seeking suggestions for amplification. Now I'm back to ask the same question again. I bought an Arcam FMJ-A22 but it hasn't worked out, sonically (perhaps for no other reason than because the British retailer who sold it to me said it would be voltage-switchable, and it isn't, so I had to resort to an outboard voltage transformer).

    The good news is that he's agreed to take the thing back for a refund -- the bad news is that this means I have to start over in my search, which means starting over in pursuit of new suggestions.

    The sonic priorities are, in this order, detail, detail, detail, soundstage, and lean, well-disciplined bass. Candidates at the moment are a PS-Audio GCC-100, a Creek 5350SE, a Krell 400xi, a Bryston BP-60, back to Arcam, or back to separates. Other makers that have been suggested to me are Ayre, Bel Canto, YBA, and Classe. A remote would be nice but isn't going to tip the balance toward a piece that doesn't fit the sonic description.

    Anyone have any thoughts?

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    All good picks, might want to add in Sim Audio,different models depending on budget,and Cambridge Audio 840a.

    Speakers-Jm Labs
    Disc player-Sim Audio Moon Calypso
    Pre-amp-Sim Audio P-5.3 SE
    dac= sim audio moon 300d

    Amp-Sim Audio Moon I-3
    Display-Toshiba CRT
    Wires and Cables-Kimber,Straight Wire, ixos, Gutwire and shunyata research
    Sacd-Cambridge Audio
    Bluray--Sony and Cambridge Audio
    Remote-- Harmony 1100

    Power-- Monster

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    Hey d, welcome back. Give us a reminder on the specifics. What's the source, speaks, and size of the room?

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    Source = arcam fmj cd23
    interconnects = belkin coax terminated in cardas plugs, built by blue jeans cable
    speakers = linn ninkas
    speaker cable = cross-connected, twisted-pair coax by element cable
    tweaks = diy bass traps according to plans by jon risch
    room = horrible, about 8' across by 15' deep, mostly poured concrete and plate glass

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    I'd be happy as a pig in chit with any of those choices.

    Sorry that I can't help more than to say that, you're gonna end up very happy.
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    Nice problem to have. You can't really go wrong with any of the ones you've listed, although I don't think YBA's sound really coincides with your preferences. Too smooth and romantic.

    The PSA is going to sound like your cdp, so as long as the Arcam has the detail you seek, the GCC will as well. It doesn't, however, have "lean" bass. It has startling fast transient speed, made all the more evident by pitch black backgrounds, but it isn't lean in the bass (nor is the Krell). It isn't boomy, it simply has powerful dynamics.

    Creek has that typical Brit sound and may what you're looking for. I'd also strongly recommend auditioning the Musical Fidelity X150 and Naim Nait 5i. Both are very well regarded and should meet your requirements in spades.

    Finally, if you don't mind buying used, there is a gorgeous (sounding and looking) Rowland Concerta on audiogon for around your price range. I've heard this integrated at length and it is very musically satisfying amplifier. It's as powerfully dynamic as the Krell and PSA, but a bit more musically involving to listen to.

    Hope this helps.

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    Gorgeous to look at; I think it's already sold, since the link was broken. The situation is rapidly evolving and the finalists now seem to be, in no particular order, a Bel Canto evo2i-II, a Naim Nait 5i, a modded Music Hall Maven, and a SimAudio i5, though the last of these had darned well better cook me breakfast the next morning, since it's going to be at least $500 more than the next-most expensive candidate on the list. Power may or may not be an issue: I'm in early negotiations with the owner of a pair of Audio Physic Spark-IIIIs, and I'm a bit concerned that the power rating of the Naim might be a little low. Music Hall makes a smaller integrated than the MAVEN, called the A25.2, and it can be had with all the same mods, but again I'm worried about running a pair of 89db, 4ohm speakers with an amp whose top output rating is 50wpc rms.

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