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    B&K or Adcom for Paradigm Ref Stud 20??

    I am looking at picking up a power amp and now am debating on whether to consider B&K as well as my original pick of an Adcom 535 or 545. I guess to be in the same price range (used) of about 200 +/- that would be the B&K ST1200 series. Any opinions on which would be best match to the paradigm ref studio 20's. I know it is mainly up to personal preference, but how do the two amps compare?? thanks

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    I know it is not quite the same comparison, but I have the Paradigm Signature S2 speakers and I am using my old trusty Adcom GFA-535 II amp while my Adcom GFA-5300 amp is in the shop (four weeks and counting, but that is for a different thread). To me the combination sounds great!! People might complain that it will sound bright, but it sounds fine for me!!
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    i listened to the 20's powered by a Nad c272 and it was superb. maybe add that to your considerations.

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    Well, how about a B&K ST 202??

    I didn't think I would win the dang auction on Ebay but I did, for right around $200. I couldn't believe it. From what I could tell from other reviews and discussions, the B&K ST 202 is a very mellow, almost tubey sounding amp. I guess it is a good deal, no???

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