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    B&K 200.5 S2 vs. Parasound 5250 vs. Outlaw 7500

    All will cost 1,600 bucks, Outlaw will be new, Parasound is 2 months old, and BK is 4months old. Common sense is telling me to take the Parasound because it's THX certified and has 50 more watts per channel than the other two for the same price (250wpc vs. 200wpc). BK statistically has the highest amp per channel capacity. The Outlaw is brand new.

    I'm satisfied with the look of all of them, they all are 5 channel, and they have dc triggers for remote operation. I'll be converting my Pioneer THX receiver from to a pre-amp and am powering an Energy C-3 5.1 system in a small condo. My Velodyne sub is already powered. I know these amps are overkill, but I don't want to upgrade later as I've come across some extra funds.

    What would you do?

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    Those are all fine amps. The 50 more watts of the Parasound is not going to make an audible difference. It takes double the power (400 watts) or 3dB to make sound seem twice as loud. If you have the chance to do some auditioning, I would say go with what sounds best to you.

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