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    AudioSource AMP Three

    In my quest to find a decent 2 channel amp, I came accross AS amp 3. Anyone here have this amp or any other product from this company? How well does it perform for the money.
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    Yea, I got an Amp Three, it's a very good amp very low noise floor and dynamic, great low end. I use it for a Subwoofer amp and it even handled a 2 ohm load without problems.

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    I got one too. Tremendous value, I paid about $200 for a refurbished one and consider it the biggest bargain I ever got. The thing ways a ton, as much as my Marantz receiver. For me it plays very cool, I've got it bridged driving my spiral bass horn (sub). They said it would put out about 625 watts when bridged for 4 ohms. I tried it for two channel mode, very clean and effortless, though couldn't really tell cause I couldn't use a sub with my speakers. This is one of the few components in my system that I really don't ever see getting rid of, lots of power and very versatile. I wouldn't buy one at the full price of $400 if you were using it for a sub, cause for that much you could get a better crown amp that puts out more power with slightly higher distortion.



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