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    Is Audible Illusions Still in Business?

    I have emailed twice and called 3 times with no response. Are they still in business??? I am the owner of a used Modulus 2D Preamp that has an intermittent whistle in one channel. After opening the unit I find 2 Chinese GoldenDragon tubes and 2 Sovtek 6922 tubes with a date code of 12/88. The manual calls for 4 6JD8 tubes (which cross to the Sovteks).

    Can someone recommend a dealer to provide quality replacement tubes for my preamp? Also, if the tubes are not the issue, is there someone out there who could troubleshoot this unit?


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    hi Gary, from what i have read the modulus preamps are extremely sensitive to microphonics. if you look at the tubestore . com website they recommend certain 6922/6JD8 tubes for this preamplifier and also warn you not to use certain other tubes because of the high sensitivity to microphonics. very nice preamp though.

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    You might check with They have a huge inventory of tubes.

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