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    Anyone Help Me ID Receiver???

    I have been replacing some old stuff lately that finally gave up the ghost...

    Among these is a thoroughly worn out Carver Receiver, the original 130 model. I tried to repair it, but I could not find anything obvious. Besides, there is just too much overheat evidence throughout. Back in the day, I used to drive 4 ohm Peavey cabinets at literally -0 dB for hours and hours. This was accomplished with a box fan placed face-down on the unit. The volume was incredible. I don't know how it ever lasted so long.

    I just bid on an Ebay unit. I notice there are two versions of the "original" Carver Receiver. One has removable rack handles and a simple metal side. The other has a permanent rack handles face and has rosewood panels on the side. Does anyone know these? Which is an earlier unit? Is there any other difference, perhaps made in Japan versus U.S.? What can we surmise about the difference? I have the rosewood model. I recall I bought it Summer 1988. Does that sound about right?

    The Ebay unit is local, I can go check it out. I know how and where these things cook.



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    I stumbled across some Carver info while during my own quest (still futile) to find suitable ampliers.

    Have you tried From what I can gather at Carver's own company seems to have been bought by Sunfire which now markets his "Signature" series amplifiers.


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