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    Any thoughts on Pathos?

    In my search to short list possible units for future downsizing, I have been looking at a few Pathos Integrated units and really like the Logos and the smaller Classic. The main issue is there is nowhere to demo these anywhere near me. I think the closest place is in Manhattan. My local dealer used to carry them but no longer does.

    For the Classic, I have heard you should have an easy to drive pair of speakers where the curve does not dip much below 6ohms. For the Logos, I don't think the same issue is present due to the power ratings.

    These guys are Hybrids, having a Class A Tube Pre stage and a Solid State output allowing tube rolling for customization. They are made in Italy and are works of art along with top notch gear.

    Anyone ever hear, own or demo Pathos gear?



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    Very nice gear indeed. I took a look at their web site. It looks like the Classic almost doubles its power at 4 ohms so it should be good for 4 ohm speakers.
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    they both do, the Logos is 100/200 and balanced, but $5k.

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    Hyfi,,,there are a few guys over at Audiokarma that have them. Also heres a clip.
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