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    Any opinions or experience with Rogue Audio

    I ran across Rogue Audio in my quest for tube gear. I'm not familiar with it. I've read a couple good reviews but some reviews although not bad aren't exactly glowing like some I've read. Oh Sh*..... did I admit in writing I read a review?? The pricing is reasonable for their gear, actually as cheap as some of the Chinese stuff and Rogue is built in the U.S. Markets being the way they are I just wonder if the Rogue is like the Adcom and Rotel of solid state or is it a heck of a deal.

    * I look at Adcom and Rotel as "mid fi", it's good stuff (usually) for the money but in my opinion it doesn't compete with real high end gear. For instance, the top of the line Adcom separates would be killed by a Krell integrated. Please don't get side tracked on my statement, it's not to argue but to let you know where I'm coming from and you won't change my mind. What would change my mind is using Adcom or Rotel that proved me wrong, and I own some Adcom.

    So would Rogue fit the "mid fi" or is it able to compete with the likes of Conrad Johnson, Manley, etc.?

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    Hi Mr. peabody,
    I've never heard any of the Rogue equipment before but it sure looks nice. If you have an opportunity to try some of their gear give it a whirl, maybe it would make you happy


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