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    Any Carver people here that can help me?

    Is there anyone here who is familiar with the Carver M500t amplifier? I just bought one and it had no manual, and I'd like one. bit I'm now tapped out...I've tried the Carver forums, but they seem to be either too busy or just shunt me off to a site where I have to pay $20 for a manual.

    Also, two tech questions if anyone can help:
    1. The power cord was removed (why, I don't know). There are two wires, one going to the fuse, and the other to (I assume) the transformer. In wiring up a new cord, will it matter which wire I connect the wide lug side of the new power cord to or not? I don't want to screw up what appears to be a perfectly good amp.

    2. In removing the cover (and I'm no electron mechanic, mind you), I noticed that, with the front of the amp facing me, there's a small (1/2" or so) wire sticking up from the PCB, about 1" in from the upper right-hand corner of the board (the left rear as you look at the rear of the amp.). Would this be a test lead/light, nothing to worry about, or what? I can't find anythng it would've connected to...

    Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me.


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    I don't think that there are many Carver owners here...

    you might have more luck by trying

    lot's of carver owners there...

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