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    Question amplifier for subwoofer

    Hello all,

    This is my first post, and if this subject has already been discussed at length, forgive me.

    I have a question regarding an amplifier for a subwoofer for my home theater system. Currently I only have two three-way floor standing speakers that I built five years ago. Each one contains a Vifa tweeter, a Vifa midrange, and a 12" NHT 1259 subwoofer. These speakers are being powered by my Denon AVR 2802 reciever.

    My question is in regards to the NHT 1259 subwoofers. I am looking to rebuild the peakers into a set of two-ways using the tweeters and mids, and building a separate box for the subwoofer. I am planning on only using one of the subs in the box.

    My question is this: What do I need to have to make this work? I assume (I know, never a good thing) that I will need to buy an amplifier to power the sub, therefore, all that the Denon reciever is doing is sending the signal. Am I on the right track? How many watts do I need? Will the amplifier be mounted on the subwoofer enclosure, or is it a self standing component like the reciever?

    I am not interested in spending a bunch of money on an amp. Really what I am looking for is someone to point me in the right direction, because currently I am just plain lost.

    Thnaks for all of the help?

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    Check You can probably get some inexpensive plate amps there that will do the trick. They also have subwoofer enclosures and everything else you'll need.

    Hope this helps.

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    A lot of variables at play here. Seems like your plan is to make a box and move the woofer from your NHTs into that new box. The first thing you need to plan is what kind of sound you're aiming for. The box size and the type of enclosure that you use will go a long way in determining what the subwoofer will sound like. For your situation, I would suggest that you go with a sealed box because you probably don't know much about the characteristics of the driver. A sealed box is more forgiving if you don't have the information for all of the variables. The more common ported subs require a fairly precise match between the driver characteristics, the interior volume, and the size of the port opening.

    As far as amplification goes, a plate amp is the way to go. You just saw out a hole in the back of the box, solder it to the driver, and mount the amp onto the back. They typically have the crossover, connections, and controls ready to go. Parts Express is a great source, and you should also look at Acoustic Visions' website as well. They carry the Parts Express parts as well as amps from Adire Audio and others. You can also buy prebuilt enclosures or DIY box kits from them.

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    Ya you can

    use the subwoofer preout on your receiver to feed a plate amp. The best way I have found to do this is to get a sub cable that has a RCA Y-Adapter on one end. You then connect this Y-adapter to the L/R on the plate amp. You then set the xover frequency for the sub from the receiver. 60-80hz should be a nice xover point. Visit They have box plans for the NHT1259 driver. Your's may be older but probably fairly close. I do believe they run best in a closed box. An excellent plate amp can be found at PE. It's the 240 watt into 4ohm one for i think $119. Good luck and have fun.

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    Hey guys,

    Thanks for the help. Much appreciated.


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