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    Which amp should I be using? T-Amp vs vintage Harman/Kardon integrated

    My T-amp is the Lepai LP-2020A+ and my integrated amp is the Harman/Kardon PM625.

    This is how I roll currently - PC > Fiio E17 > Lepai LP-2020A+ > Dayton B652

    So, do you think the H/K would be better? It's more expensive... I just want your opinions.

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    I would consider a Dayton Audio DTA100a digital amp, they are better than the Lepai. Otherwise go with the HK which is probably better than both at least for build quality. The DTA is not pretty inside but is sound good- open and airy with nice bass.

    DTA 100a amp - Parts Express Ships Fast and Ships Free

    I use one with my Monitor Audio S1 speakers ($650pr). it sounds pretty good with my denon 1910 DVD/cd player and even better when I tried it with a high end dac. It would be perfect with the Dayton speakers. By the way, I read that those Dayton speakers would sound better if you put some sound absorbing material in them.
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    Which sounds better to you? That's the one to use.

    Both amps are fairly low power at 20 wpc and the speakers have moderately insensitive at 87 dB@1 watt @ 1 meter. If you are using these speakers in anything but a small room or as computer monitors, you might want more power. The amp mentioned by blackraven is 50 wpc which might help if the listening space is larger.

    Typically Class T amps sound great with really well recorded material, not so good with poor recordings. I don't know about the character of the older HK amp.

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    I'll chime in since I own a Topping TP 21 and considered purchasing the Dayton amp. Ultimately I chose the Topping based upon the recommendation from someone at Parts Express.

    The Dayton amp while great sounding apparently has some QC issues. While the Topping is more reliable. However, a 4 ohm or 6 ohm speaker is likely to work better with the Topping since it is rated for 25 wpc at 4 ohms impedance while it is rated for half that with an 8 ohm speaker. I am using a pair of Castle Conway 3 speakers with the TP 21 right now which is an 8 ohm speaker with a sensitivity of 91 db. Some recordings have plenty of audio level and I don't need to turn up the volume past 9AM to have an ample listening volume. But many other recordings I have to crank up the volume well past 1 PM on the dial just to get a reasonable listening level.

    I also have a Qinpu A 3 tube/solid state hybrid which is rated for 8.5 wpc into 8 ohms. Works great with my Mirage OM 10 speakers which are 6 ohms and 90 db sensitivity. Rarely have to turn up the volume even to 9 AM in order to achieve a good listening volume.

    If you get the Dayton I would not try the 4 ohm speakers with it because I think the audio level for many recordings will be unpredictable. If you buy something like the Topping TP 21 then I would pair it with at least 4 ohm or 6 ohm speakers for the best sound.

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    Noo Joisey. Youse got a problem wit dat?

    Neither amp will make those speakers sing.

    I've got those speakers. You get what you pay for here.

    The H/K would be overkill IMNSHO.

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