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    amp/reciever as pre amp

    I recently acquired a carver 5 chanel amp to boost output to my onkyo 400 series reciever and hoped this would function as pre amp.
    The problem is the reciever has no pre out to connect to the amp save for speaker out terminals that use free wire ends.
    Does anyone know of a solution to this problem short of getting a seperate preamp.?

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    No, you will need to upgrade to a receiver with 5.1 preouts now to use the full potential of the amplifier.

    something like this would work:

    or a comparable yamaha, marantz, denon, onkyo, harman kardon, etc...pioneers tend to be very good and a bit less expensive than the others, I also like harman and marantz but it will likely cost you more. You can put your receiver on ebay to offset some of the cost. Have fun.

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