Hi there, can anybody give me some advice please. I have been given a couple of beautiful old Monitor MA4 speakers which Ive wired up to my old amp which is a Kenwood KA 550D. The sound is good but I wonder of it could't be better and I'm worried my old amp may not be suitable. I would like to invest, if need be, in a new amp (2nd hand - less than 200). Could anyone tell me what I ought to use with these speakers for a good sound. here are the specs for the speakers :
Frequency response: 45-18,000Hz +2.5dB. Impedance: 8 ohms nominal. Crossover: at 3-21cHz, basically 18dB/octave 9-element. Sensitivity: 12 watts for 96dB at I metre. Maximum level: 103dB at 1 metre. Dimensions: 694 x 316 x 280rrun (23+ x 12+ x 11 inches). Weight: 16kg (361b).