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    Amp/Integrated for AR,com Speakers

    I recently built a pair of (Ed Frias) speakers. I am powering them with a 2 channel Denon DRA 685 receiver. While they sound good, I believe they would sound better with improved electronics. Any recommendations for an integrated amp, or amp/pre-amp combo to run with these speakers (2 channel)? 300 to 500 dollar price range. BTW, the Denon can be used as a pre-amp, although I'm not sure of the quality of the pre-amp section.


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    I have mine running off a HK AVR-320 that puts out 55wpc in DSP and 65wpc in stereo. HK has plenty of high current to drive these puppies. You can find an older HK receiver that will drive them just fine for under $400 on e-bay. If you want a stereo amp, I would recommend trying the audiosource amp one. They sell it at PE for under $200 and it has had very good reviews. It might say only 80wpc but don't let that fool you. This amp is stable at 2ohm loads. I would hook up my DVD player directly to it and give it a listen to see if you hear an improvement. If you don't, then return it. Here's a link:

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    The two integrateds at this price point always seem to be the Cambridge Audio Azur 540a and the NAD C320bee. Both put out quality watts and are stable into 2 ohms as well. They should be more than adequate.

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