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    Amp for CV E-715's

    Hey I am just getting my first set up and had some questions, mainly, I was wondering whether I should get an amp to help power my speakers. Right now I have an old Kenwood KR-5150 ( i got it for free from a family friend, and puts out 50 W per channel) and recently purchased some used cerwin vega E-715's ( can handle up to 400 W, but I have heard that they are efficient). So should I get an amp? If so any ideas....


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    The 5150 will probably power them fine but if you find yourself wanting more volume and the receiver has preamp outputs you might try adding an Adcom amp. They are cheap on the used market and a good amp. Or just keep your eye open for a larger vintage receiver on Craigslist or thrift stores. Like you said CV are pretty efficient but it could still take some power to push those large woofers around.

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    Just add to what Mr. peabody spoke of I used to sell Adcom power amps and Cerwin vega speakers(to our customers that wanted loud and deep!) and the Adcom power amps powered the vegas great. The power was there all the way and the smoothness and low end of the Adcom power amps seemed to bring out the best that the big vega could produce. The Cerwin vega big floorstanders are very efficient but they also require allot of power the make them fully unleash their dynamic potential. That is what the big vega's were made for in the first place was their ability to crank without distortion. I even noticed that the vega's upper end smoothed out quite a bit with the Adcom amps hooked to them.

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