Hi everyone,

So for the last couple decades, I've been joyfully listening to my music on a Marantz PM-68. But it's finally developed an electrical problem that I can't seem to solve, and I might have to replace it. So I'm looking for suggestions on a comparable amp.

I listen mostly to vinyl records, with some CDs and MP3s in the mix. Ideally I'd like an amp with a phono input, plus 3 other inputs and at least one tape out for digitizing records. I just need a stereo setup, since I use a different amp for movie-watching with 5.1.

I love the PM-68 for its warm, full sound. But I never listen to it all that loudly– toddlers in the house means it really never goes past 50% volume. I mostly listen to jazz and electronic music, so warmth and clarity are more important than massive bass.

Does anyone have a suggestion for an amp, ideally something I could get used for less than $250, that would give sound that's as good? Thanks, everyone!