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Thread: Amp choice

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    Amp choice

    Hi guys
    I have Dynaudio audience 82 and i listen to pop/rock music.
    Help me to choice one of these amps

    1. Krell KAV400xi integrated (price : 2 million Tomans)
    2. Arcam A85/P85 biamp (price : 1.5 million Tomans)
    3. NAD S300 integrated (price : 1.3 million Tomans)


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    May I suggest a Yamaha?

    Might i take the liberty to suggest the best of the lot - Integrated amplifier from yamaha at 100 W/ch @ 8 ohms - The AX-596. It is a treat to listen to.
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    I like what I read about the Arcam

    The Krell would probably be fine but going the Arcam route saves half a million. Never thought I could say that. Read a write up on the Arcam A85 and P85 and I thought they made this sound like a very nice setup.

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    Still laughing at the Yamaha suggestion!

    You have your choices in the right order. The Arcam is not a bad choice by no means but it will not have the power and low end authority of the Krell integrated. I think the Arcam would be more compatible with other brands of equipment than the Krell as far as synergy. I mean you can mix with Krell but my Krell seemed to really come into it's own when I added the Krell cd player. NAD would be a distant 3rd in my book and it's flaws would really sound through on the Dyn's. Krell and Arcam both are good matches with Dynaudio. Unless something has changed I'm not aware of, you cannot biamp Dynaudio speakers. Only one set of inputs.

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