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    Am I asking for trouble?

    I am borrowing my friend's Parasound Model 2125 amplifier this weekend. It has four speaker outputs, is stable to 2 ohms and has front bezel A/B switches. I want to use it to compare two pairs of 4 ohm low efficiency speakers (my MBQs and Danes) head-to-head. I'll keep the volume down, and I'm not really looking for hi-fi, just subtle differences between the speakers.

    On paper, this should work, but will this amp be struggling to switch between these speakers? Can I damage the amp this way?

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    I dont see a problem with using that amp to power both pairs of subs. If you were to puysh them in any way though you will need the proper amount of supply power

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    I almost forgot about this post


    I did test the speakers using the one amp and results were mixed. What I found is that the bass was all but gone when two sets of speakers where connected, regardless of whether they were switched on with the front controls. I think the amp "reads" what's connected and adjusts output accordingly. I had the same bass-less output when I powered one of these speaker pairs with an HK3480 (although this amp only had one pair of speakers attached.

    I also found that this amp made a small pop when I switched the speakers on-off switches. It wasn't alarming, but it did increase in volume as I increased the volume on the preamp. Never turned the thing up too loud, either, but that's just the point: why own something you don't have faith in? I also didn't care for the sound of the Parasound amp produced; there was no life in this amp, to my ears. The amp does have some nice features like auto-on, but I still sent the amp back a week later.

    Long story short, I am now using two identical NAD 320BEE's to test speakers side by side. Works much better.

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