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    Adcom GFA 5802 vs B&K Ref 200.3

    I am using Adcom GFA 5802 to drive my front speakers(B&W 805s) and Adcom GFA 7000 for center (B&W HTM 2) and surround(Elac CL 82). I would like to upgrade the Adcom 7000.

    Could anybody recommend any good Amps with 3 channels to replace Adcom 5802 and Adcom 7000 for front & center (then Adcom 5802 will be used for surround) ?

    Could B&K Ref 200.3 be at par with Adcom 5802 ?

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    i would recommend the odyssey stratos ht3 150 wpc x 3 based on the symphonic line rg 11 amplifier designed by mr rolf gemien in duisberg germany. i own odyssey and symphonic line gear so some may call me biased but i would like to think of myself as being well informed.

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    I have a B&K reference amp, and in comparing it with an Adcom GFA 5802 that I auditioned, the latter tends to be brighter and more metallic / fatiguing. And despite the higher power rating, the B&K more than held it's own with 100 watts less. But I also prefer the smooth, warm sound of the B&K, which some would call dark, and for movies it may not be the best fit.

    If on the other hand, you are using this primarily for a surround sound music system (SACD/DVD-A), then I would recommend it heartily. My B&K can reach deep and wide even when watching movies on my 2-channel system w/o sub, and to my ears it sounds better than much more popular amps from Parasound, Adcom, PS Audio, Outlaw and others in that price range.

    I should also say that B&K's tech staff is very responsive, something I have also heard about the folks at Oddyssey, although I have not had the opportunity to audition their amps.

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    Thanks for your information.

    Sukasem C.

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