Thanks for your help! I understand that the Adcom GFA 555 II is a good amp w/ tons of reserve power. But...some reviews say that it can be a little grainy and harsh, strongly accentuating the mids ands highs. My problem is twofold: 1. My 16 x 12 room does not have carpeting. So the room already leans toward the mids and highs. 2. My mains are EPOS M12.2's which have forward mids (clean though). I need an amp that will compliment and compensate for my already "brash" situation. I think I need an amp that is rich and warm w/out a bent toward mids and highs. Does the Adcom GFA 555 II fit for these circumstances? Or do you have any suggestions in the used $400 - $500 range? My other equipment is a 12" Velodyne sub and an Adcom preamp/tuner. Thank you very much !!