I have a quick question about a problem I've been having with my Cinema Reference. I'm calling ADA tomorrow about it, but I figured I'd see if anyone else here agrees with my prognosis or has anything else to offer. I've got a Cinema Reference Mach II which handles all of my audio and video switching for my theater room. A little while ago, all of the high def picture turned green and had vertical lines running through it. Any high def signal does this now. I can turn my tivo box to 480i and it looks normal (not HD but normal), my HD DVD and Blu-Ray players are green, my DVD manager (which upscales the movie but not the initial managment screen) shows the movies green. Has anyone heard of an ADA product just crapping out like that before? I'm assuming that somehow the Cinema Reference just cannot handle an HD signal anymore and that I'm seeing an attempt to play an HD signal through a standard processor. Any ideas?