I have a decent amp collection, mostly for recording. I am wondering if it would be cool to be able use different amps live in the same way I would in the studio.

I typically want really good cleans and then low gain types of crunch out of my amps.

The amps I used both a 1965 Fender Princeton (non-verb) for a smooth rich clean tone. I use a boutique amp that is like a modded Bassman for more crunchy clean. I use a Marshall Bluesbreaker for a rich biting low gain clean. I use a Vox AC15 for an extended jangle with a biting mid. I have others but those are the main ones. I also would love to own a Hiwatt but I have not come across a good enough deal to justify the purchase. I would love to have any early Fender Twin for some focused, rounded, Simi-glassy cleans.
how close do the amp in box pedals get?